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Profits and Deductions in Your Business!

The performance of your company and its bookkeeping are directly linked to your tax return.  Your financial statements let you know how your business is doing and your tax return reveals your deductions.  If you are making important decisions with bad information, you are “flying by the seat of your pants.” 

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"I have known and worked with Renee Daggett and her company, Admin Books, Inc., since 2006. In all of that time I have observed Renee to be friendly and personable while remaining professional. Renee has a zest and passion for life and new experiences. She is always expanding her horizons and learning something new. She has helped me with my bookkeeping and especially with my Quickbooks since shortly after I met her. There has never been a question about bookkeeping or about Quickbooks that she could not answer. Renee screens her employees carefully and I have had the positive experience of working with several of them. All of them reflect the very best standard of service that Renee herself typifies. Her and her employees take what looks difficult and complicated to me and make it simple and manageable and a lot quicker than I ever could. It’s not often that I take up my valuable time for something like this, but I feel that Renee and her company have earned the right to a testimonial for their ability, willing assistance and integrity. It is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial to Renee and I would be more than willing to recommend her services to other businesspersons." -Ross Jernigan, Astute Investigations



A new client came to us with a QuickBooks file that was inconsistently using invoices to bill their clients.  They had no clue what their customers owed to them nor were they able to track their income accurately. 

Admin Books worked with the client to clean up the old accounts receivable and then set up a process to invoice, receive payments and record the deposits in QuickBooks so that the client would have reliable income numbers to make decisions about their company.  How does your A/R look?  Do you know which clients owe you money and how much?

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"Thank you Admin Books for taking away much of my stress around finSarah_Carlson.jpgances! I had been putting off doing my taxes until the last minute because it just overwhelmed me and all my focus was on building my new business. You have helped me turn a new leaf and I feel so much relief knowing I have a dependable, super knowledgeable, and friendly team on my side. Admin Books rocks!" -Sarah Carlson, Be Zen Solutions 



• SOLVE your cash flow issues

• Be CONFIDENT you are getting every tax deduction allowed

• Know how much REVENUE you need to cover your operating expenses

• Increase PROFITS; no more running at a loss or breaking even

• RELY on your financial statements

• IDENTIFY your top 10 clients


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