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Profits and Deductions in Your Business!

The performance of your company and its bookkeeping are directly linked to your tax return. Your financial statements let you know how your business is doing and your tax return reveals your deductions.  If you are making important decisions with bad information, you are “flying by the seat of your pants.” 

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  • October 15th is the deadline to file your 2012 personal tax return if you are on extension.
  • If you process payroll, don't forget to file your 3rd quarter payroll forms by the end of the month

         Testimony for Bookkeeping   

“We start our own businesses because of passion for what we know well, but when our businesses take us out of our comfort zones, we must surround ourselves with the right people.  Partnering with Admin Books for all my accounting needs, including bookkeeping, taxes and payroll, has allowed me to focus on what I know best; my business, my passion!  Every relationship starts with trust and you can rest assured you are in good hands with the staff at Admin Books.” -Eric Pansegrau, JIBASoft, Inc. 

Tax_Refund.jpgTax Returns

A new client came to us seeking help to file his tax return.  We collected the data for the current years return and made sure they received every deduction allowed.  Since the client lived in another county, they found it convenient to review the return remotely, speaking to the preparer on the phone.  

Admin Books noticed that on their last year’s return, they did not file 2 deductions to which they qualified.  In this return, the husband and wife were self-employed, had a good size practice, but were paying high self-employment taxes.  The client was very pleased to find out we could assist them in amending their last years return to collect a refund.  Admin Books also recommended changing the business entity in order to reduce their tax liability.  Does your preparer review the return with you line-by-line?   Are you confident that you are paying the lowest taxes required?

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 "I recently had the pleasure of hiring Renee Daggett at Admin Books to prepare my personal and small business taxes, which have both reached the point of complexity beyond my desire to deal with. Renee completed them quickly and completely, finding issues that I had not been aware of, which was a great relief. I highly recommend Renee to both individuals and business owners." -Laurel Standley, Clear Current, LLC


• SOLVE your cash flow issues

• Be CONFIDENT you are getting every tax deduction allowed

• Know how much REVENUE you need to cover your operating expenses

• Increase PROFITS; no more running at a loss or breaking even

• RELY on your financial statements

• IDENTIFY your top 10 clients


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