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The performance of your company and its bookkeeping are directly linked to your tax return. Your financial statements let you know how your business is doing and your tax return reveals your deductions.  If you are making important decisions with bad information, you are “flying by the seat of your pants.” 

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"Renee is knowledgeable of QuickBooks and maintaining company books. She is enthusiastic and "Renee is knowledgeable of QuickBooks and maintaining company books. She is enthusiastic and communicates well. She is a good listener and seeks to solve personal problems you might be having with QuickBooks. She makes a distasteful job an enjoyable one. What a great support!"  -Keoki Williams, Keoki Design 408-972-9190


A consultant came to us frustrated with all the payroll requirements.  She had someone helping her with processing the payroll, but they were not consistent in filing the quarterly reports or getting her the coupons to make the tax payments.  After making a plan that she felt comfortable with, Admin Books began assisting her with payroll. 

We processed the paychecks, set up direct deposit for no additional fees and filed the quarterly reports and taxes electronically.  All the client had to do was communicate the payroll hours for each month.  It was such a relief to know everything was being done accurately and on time.  She raved about her payroll expert and the communication Admin Books provided.  Are you frustrated or concerned about your payroll situation?

         Testimony for Tax Returns   

"I was sure I was going to have to pay at least $4K in taxes.  Instead, I got a $4K REFUND!  Admin Books is very knowledgeable, efficient, timely and has a great staff. I plan on using them every year from now on.  Prices are very reasonable.  We went over each return in detail with the help of technology allowing me to see my return on Renee's computer and never having to drive to their office.  Easiest firm I've ever worked with! Thank you Admin Books!" -Linda Santos

• SOLVE your cash flow issues

• Be CONFIDENT you are getting every tax deduction allowed

• Know how much REVENUE you need to cover your operating expenses

• Increase PROFITS; no more running at a loss or breaking even

• RELY on your financial statements

• IDENTIFY your top 10 clients


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